You’re currently in a new part of the site about becoming a volunteer in North-West England

Volunteering with Samaritans

Giving some time to be a Samaritan means being there for people who desperately need someone. And that really matters.

Right now we need volunteers more than ever.

So we’re creating a new, simpler way to become a volunteer, and we’re trying it out in the North-West of England. That’s why you’re here in this new part of the website.

Ways you can help Samaritans

Be there for people who need someone

As a listening volunteer you’ll answer calls and messages from people who badly need someone to talk to. You’ll be based in one of 201 branches round the country.

The kind of person you need to be:

  • Interested in listening to people going through a tough time
  • Open-minded and non judgemental
  • Able to listen without telling people what to do
Become a listening volunteer

Keep one of our local branches running

As a branch volunteer there are lots of things you could do – marketing our services, organising fundraising, doing admin or providing IT support. It all depends what you want to do and what you’re good at.

The kind of person you need to be:

  • Good at working with other people
  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Organised
Become a branch volunteer

I've learned so much about life and people. It's humbling and rewarding to be able to help in some small way by being there for people who need us.

Lynsey - Volunteer

What you get out of being a volunteer

You’ll learn valuable new skills, make new friendships, and be part of an amazing group of people. But above all you’ll have the incredible satisfaction of knowing you’re helping people who are in despair.

The kind of people we’re looking for

We’re just looking for people who want to help others and are tolerant and open-minded. You don’t have to have gone through particular life experiences or be a special kind of person. Everyone over 18 is welcome.