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Support Samaritans in other ways

Our volunteers keep Samaritans going. They make it possible for us to be here for anyone who needs someone.

There's a whole range of things that need to be done. You could help one of our branches raise money or promote its services, organise an event, keep our computers working, volunteer to help in one of our fundraising shops or generally keep things running smoothly.

Find out if volunteering to support Samaritans is right for you.

Share your skills

We need support with tasks such as event organising, IT, maintenance, fundraising and marketing. If you have skills in these kinds of areas, volunteering is a great way to help Samaritans.

Learn new skills

We need your help if you’re happy to be trained in new skills. For example you’ll learn how to use our IT systems or help raise money. These skills often prove useful at work – and on your CV.

Give something back

Whatever you do for Samaritans, you will be helping to change people’s lives for the better. That’s even true for your own life. Our volunteers say they find volunteering incredibly rewarding.

Types of tasks we need help with

  • Marketing

    This might involve running a social media channel, keeping the website updated or writing press releases.
  • IT support

    We need help keeping our technology up and running – anything from keeping software updated to troubleshooting when something goes wrong.
  • Volunteer enquiries

    We need to respond to enquiries from potential new volunteers, and help them through their training.
  • Fundraising

    This is a vital job – organising events that raise money to keep our services running.

What it’s like being a volunteer

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  • It’s very sociable and you’ll meet some amazing people.
  • You’ll experience a warm and supportive atmosphere.
  • Working for a good cause is inspiring and makes you feel good about yourself.

I'm pleased to be able to contribute to the work Samaritans does and to help take some of the pressure off listening volunteers

Barry - Branch volunteer

How you need to treat people

It is important you believe in the same ways of treating other people that we do.
  • Open minded

    You’re willing to understand someone else’s point of view, even if it’s different from yours.
  • Discreet

    You’ll be careful with any information you're told, and never share it outside Samaritans.
  • Supportive

    You’ll help maintain a supportive and friendly atmosphere.
  • Respectful

    You won’t discriminate against anyone for any reason, including gender, race, sexuality, disability or political views.
  • Empathetic

    You’re comfortable with your own feelings and able to share another person’s feelings.
  • Honest

    You’re able to tell the truth even when it’s difficult – for example about the type of support we can offer people, even when they want more.

How much time will I need to give?

Different roles require different amounts of time, and the times when they’re needed can vary. You can give as much or as little time as you’re able to.

It’s very fulfilling. It’s great being part of an organisation, working with people of all ages, all kinds of backgrounds.

Helen - Volunteer

What support and training will I get?


You’ll attend the same induction session as our listening volunteers, which will give you an understanding of what we do and don’t do. We’ll also explain our vision and our values.

Once you start volunteering we’ll support you in specific tasks and roles.

Support in the role

If you need support there will always be someone who can give you a hand, explain something or just have a chat.

How do I become a volunteer?

You'll go through an enquiry and selection process, followed by in-depth training.
  • 1Complete the enquiry form online

    It's quick – we just need a few details.
  • 2Go through a selection process

    We'll want to get to know you more, and why you want to become a volunteer.
  • 3Provide references

    We'll ask you for the details of two people who are happy to give you a reference.
  • 4Start your training

    You’ll attend an induction session to give you an understanding of what we do and don’t do, our vision and our values.
  • 5Start your role

    You’ll begin your role, playing your part in supporting what we do.

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